About Us

GamePlan Consultants is a full-service consulting organization that combines academic rigor with real-world experiences to provide insightful solutions for our clients. Founded by Dr. Sudhir Kalé, a world-renowned gaming industry authority, GamePlan Consultants provides ready access to marketing and HR expertise gained over a hundred man-years of consulting and research. Through specialist advice and training, we enable our clients optimize their return on marketing and HR-related investments.

GamePlan can assist you in designing a variety of marketing and HR strategies and programs. We offer advice on creating the best possible cost-effective customer experience, designing a comprehensive marketing plan, optimal segmentation of your customers, positioning your property to maximum effect, reducing employee turnover, enhancing employee engagement, designing the right CRM for your organization, mapping the customer journey, and choosing the right metrics for assessing marketing effectiveness.

Our vast experience in survey research, experimental design, focus groups research and application of multivariate statistics and advanced analytics ensures that you get right and relevant feedback from your employees and customers and optimize your Marketing ROI. We invite you to find out more about our various services.

To discuss how GamePlan Consultants can work with your organization to maximize growth, enhance the customer experience, and increase profitability, please email us at : info@gameplanconsultants.com.